Rapper and social activist, Falz, has recently undergone knee surgery in the United Kingdom, as he revealed in an Instagram video.

The injury occurred to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which is a vital band of tissue connecting the thigh bone to the shinbone.

During a football match in November 2022, the musician sustained a knee injury, which eventually led to surgery.

On May 2, 2023, Falz underwent the procedure at a renowned medical facility in London.

Sharing his journey with his fans, he wrote in the caption, “Current situation, It’s a whole journey to being 100% back. Say a prayer for me.”

In the heartfelt video, Falz described the moment of the injury, stating, “Today is the 26th of November 2022. I am walking with a little bit of a limb. Few days ago, on the 23rd, I went to play football and I sustained a knee injury.”

As he continued to document his experience, he revealed the severity of the injury, saying, “This is November 30, 2022. About a week since I tore my ACL. To be honest, I didn’t know what the hell happened on the day. I just knew it felt really painful. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) results came back, and it showed that it is a complete tear on my ACL. I have been advised to go into surgery to fix it.”

Approximately 1.5 hours later, Falz successfully underwent ACL reconstruction under local and general anesthesia

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